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All this week I am sharing Back To School themed posts and I thought ‘d start off with Lunch Box Essentials. Although I have my youngest who will be entitled to the Free School Meals when we return, he just doesn’t like them. I think this idea is completely wrong and there is a better way to spend this money where it is needed, but maybe that is a post for another time!

lunch box ideas


Healthy additions that my children will eat are top priority but can be hard to find when the my three are so fussy. Holland and Barrett have a great selection of healthy snack ideas including dried fruit such as apricots, sultana and cherry good life flapjacks, Bear fruit rolls and banana chips. They also have the lovely Vita Coco Coconut Water, our favorite is the Peach and Mango.



The Fruit Factory also have a great range of healthy snack addition for a healthy lunch box treat, and not just boxes of raisins. They have some great little bags full of fruity goodness that are also great for treats after school and ideal for adding to your baking. Our favorites are the Fruit Hearts and Fruit Strings.


My three love yogurt and finding healthy options in this field can be tricky. We’ve recently come across a new range of pouch yogurt from The Collective Dairy, called Suckies. The range is available in four delicious flavours: Kiwi, Pear & AppleSassy StrawberrySunkissed Tropical and Peach & Apricot. They contain absolutely no nasties and are made using fresh fruit and creamy live yoghurt. The line is free from GM ingredients, gluten, and from the artificial colours, flavours and preservatives that can make little minds wander at lesson time. They only include sugars found naturally in fruit and are suitable for vegetarians, with no pips and bits allowed!

sunkissed tropical suckies


Fruit Bowls are another great healthy fruit addition, one that feature regularly in my threes lunch boxes and after school treats. We love the yogurt covered fruits the most and I find the children tend to reach for these before sweets when they are in the cupboard.

Raspberry School Bars



Little Cracker have some great drinks ideas to add to lunch boxes, including their Orange and Lemon and Apple and Raspberry. The have no added sugar and counts towards their five a day with 75% fruit juice and a splash of water. 

Little Cracker Orange and Lemon Juice Drink


My children no longer have milk at school, they never used to drink it when I paid for but I know they would definitely drink these if I put them in their boxes each day. Daioni, created these handy 200ml cartons of dairy goodness which are low in fat, sugar and free from all artificial colouring and come in 3 delicious flavours, Chocolate, Strawberry and Banana, meaning kids are certain to love it! My three did when they tried them.

Produced on the family farm in Pembrokeshire, Wales, each chilled glass is full of Welsh goodness. A tasty alternative to standard milk, the small cartons are the perfect size the children’s lunch boxes and offer them an often needed daily calcium fix.



If you are lucky enough to have a child that will only drink water then these great new vitamin waters aimed at kids may be a great addition for you. Independent drinks company More Drinks have a range of vitamin waters aimed at children called A Little More, a sugar-free vitamin drink line aimed at kids. The release provides a tasty and cost-effective solution for organised parents looking to optimize the daily nutritional intake of their children by planning ahead for packed lunches.

A Little More group shot

 Do you have any additions that your children love to have in their boxes? 

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  • All of those sound fantastic and very tasty!!
    My girls school is really fussy though…..They are not allowed anything which look like sweets or treats even if they are healthy……Drinks have to be in a clear bottle. No cartons or pouches…Grrr! They have school dinners it’s so much easier for us.

    • Kizzy

      Mine don’t like the school dinners which makes it hard on busy days.