#TheGallery – Rewind

I love looking back over photo’s and rewinding back the years so I am really pleased that this is the topic for this weeks The Gallery, to rewind!

I have very few photo’s of me as I am always the one behind the camera but the photo below (sorry about the quality it is a photo of a photo) is one of my favorites.

Me at 18

This photo was taken on my 18th birthday at a family meal I had. It brings back very fond memories whenever I look at it! I just can’t believe how long ago it was and how much life has changed since then!

Fancy rewinding time and joining in with this weeks The Gallery? Pop over to Sticky Fingers and add your link!

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  • http://www.mumofthreeworld.com Sarah MumofThree World

    What a lovely photo. It’s great to have theses memories and scary how quickly time goes by.

  • http://www.thestickyfingersblog.com Tara

    Good god woman, you’ve hardly changed!

    • Kizzy

      Believe me I have!!!!

  • http://www.susankmann.com Susan Mann

    What a gorgeous pic x

  • http://over40andamumtoone.com Mary @over40andamumtoone

    You look really happy #TheGallery

  • http://www.offcumden.com HelpfulMum

    Great photo. You look so carefree!