RudolphShh it’s Silent Sunday!


  • http://www.rocknrollmum.com Sonya Cisco

    that made me smile!

    • Kizzy


  • http://www.sitstillmonkeys.co.uk My Monkeys Don’t Sit Still

    Ha ha, I love that…..how cool! Was it fun?

    • Kizzy

      Lots of fun!

  • sarahmo3w

    That’s so quirky! It’s fab :)

    • Kizzy

      I can’t wait to see what other one’s they come up with!

  • http://onlybestforbaby.com/ Only Best For Baby

    I love this! How festive :)

  • http://theoliversmadhouse.co.uk/ Jaime Oliver

    Kizzy thats fantastic!! … i love it :-)

  • http://hodgepodgedays.co.uk HodgePodgeDays

    Love it, what a great idea :)

    • Kizzy


  • http://twitter.com/janglitz SJ❀ (@janglitz)

    Ha ha I love this sooooo cool x

    • Kizzy

      I thought so too

  • http://northumberlandmam.blogspot.co.uk/ Kim Carberry

    Ohh wow! That’s so cool! x

    • Kizzy

      I know 😉

  • http://twitter.com/LLoopyLou Lou’s Lake Views (@LLoopyLou)

    Insane but brilliant! love it 😀

    • Kizzy


  • http://twitter.com/coombemill Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    Very creative and festive.

    • Kizzy

      I thought so too!

  • http://www.michellejacksonrowe.com Michelle JR

    Love this – I wonder what they’ll do for Dancer and Prancer!

    • Kizzy

      Have a look at my magic moments post, they are on there!

  • http://twitter.com/kateonthinice kateonthinice (@kateonthinice)

    This is great. Got to love Rudolph!

    • Kizzy


  • http://clearlybex.co.uk Clearlybex

    Wow…. that is so funny and awesome!!! :-)

    • Kizzy


  • http://www.tryingforsighs.com Rachel

    If I had seen this it would definitely have brightened my day :-)

    • Kizzy

      It certainly did ours!