Look What We Achieved This Summer!

We have had so much fun this Summer Holidays, lots of days out, playing in the fresh air and we also managed to complete a goal I secretly set my little man and he is so proud to have done it!

Two wheels!

My little man has managed to ride a bike without stabilizers! My eldest was the same age, 5, when he managed it and my little lady was just 3 when she managed to ride without them.

My little man has been wanting to do it for a long time but we have a stone drive and as we are in the middle of the countryside, there are no paths on our road so it is too dangerous for him to learn on there.

My mother in law who lives down the hill has a large concrete area at the back of her house and when she was clearing out the garage the other week, she found my daughter’s bike that she learned to ride on. My little man was adamant he wanted to ride it and after a bit of help and him telling us to leave him alone to do it, he did!


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  1. Aww wow! Well done!

  2. Well done to your son and more so as he achieved it by himself with no help – very independent. Thanks for linking up and sharing your news with Country Kids.

  3. Such a big achievement for all children, well done him. I found you on Britmums. :-)

  4. How wonderful!! Way to go :)

  5. Well done to your little one! Our girl learnt this summer too. She’s a bit older at 6, but that was down to us not trying last summer. She’s whizzing around on it now though.

  6. stephaniearsoska says:

    What a special moment for you both! Even more lovely that it was the same bike as your daughter learned on.

  7. That’s great :) what a special moment it is being able to ride a bike without stabilisers. Well done!

    *Got here through #MBPW

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