Back to School Back to Normailty

So it is the day I, as much as the kids have been dreading. Returning to the daily grind of the school run, being held to routine and time and the battles with home work, reading and spellings.

Part of me is looking forward to actually being able to get some work done, but I love having the kids here. I love being able to not have anything planned for the day and yet we still manage to make some great memories and have fun.

But obviously education is important, it is how our children develop the skills for later life and hopefully we have mad the best decisions for their education in the choice of school they are attending. But this does come under question from time to time.

An example of this is where we decided to send my eldest to high school. He had a fantastic first year, above in all his subjects and although there where a few wobbles, nothing major. Yet this school has come under a lot of bad press, with a lot of parents moving their children to different schools. We haven’t and won’t be unless his levels drop drastically as I have had nothing but support and encouragement for my child, two things you need as a parent of a tween, nearly teen.

I have spent many an hour wondering if I have done the right thing, especially when so many have had lots of bad to say about the school, but in my heart I feel that I have done the right thing for my son, which is what  parenting is all about.

Good luck to all you parents whose children are starting on their school journey and here’s to a fantastic academic year ahead for all!

  • Super Busy Mum {Debs}

    We’re all back to school over here too. I thought I’d be happier as towards the end of the holidays, the children just fought, bickered and more. Back at school means they can get some “them time” and hopefully fight less upon home time.
    My youngest son also starts P1 tomorrow – eeepp!! x

    P.S. GORGEOUS bag btw x