We do we still make people suffer?

why do we still make people suffer?I have recently had an elderly member of our family pass away, through cancer. He has been battling this dreadful disease for some years now, and although we didn’t see him often, he was very often thought of.

He was recently admitted to hospital after a fall, to return home and then again be admitted due to his lungs filling with fluid. We where expecting him to come home, albeit to pass away in the comfort of his own home, which he had shared with his wife for many happy years before she passed away from the same disease, many years previous.

Sadly he didn’t make it home, I received a phone call early Sunday morning to say he had passed away. Now knowing that he was in hospital, I expected him to pass away peacefully, feeling comfort from close family around him. But what my grandparents told me has left me feeling sad and angry. He was struggling to breath, his lungs filling up, constantly in pain. Now why do we allow humans to suffer like this when animals are not? It seems so wrong to me. Surely there must have been something done to make his final hours more comfortable and peaceful?

My only hope is that wherever he is now, he is no longer in pain and reunited with his wife.


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