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Things to do in 2015

Anyone with a family knows that planning is essential. Although spontaneity still arises in certain situations it is nowhere near as reoccurring as it once was. When there are children and work involved, planning is imperative. Granted, this may seem over the top – planning for the sake of planning – but here are some […]

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The B&W Photography Project #MySundayPhoto

the rocks of Ladram Bay

Devon Delights at Ladram Bay

Last weekend saw the Bass family pack up the car, wave goodbye to Abbie at the kennels and head for the M5 and down the country to Devon. We haven’t been away since our trip to Disneyland Paris so we were so ready for a break, although it did mean I had to miss a […]


A family trip to France

France is a great destination for any kind of family. Whatever interests you have as individuals or as a collective, you’ll find ways to match those interests on a holiday in France. And as it’s only a short ferry crossing on the other side of the Channel – and even quicker with a Chunnel crossing […]

lego movie

Everything is Awesome with The Lego Movie

We all have a big fascination and slight addiction with Lego, I as a child never played much with dolls, instead I much preferred a box of Lego to let my imagination run wild with. This trait has passed down the line and infected my children who have had many (and I mean many) different […]


Is Britain Too Expensive?

Now there’s a loaded question: is Britain too expensive? The simple answer is, it depends how much you have in your trusty bank account. But that doesn’t make for an interesting article and, let’s face it, most people aren’t that rich. So the only real way to do this is to look at how expensive […]

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T is for Tree Time

The Alphabet Project: T is for Tree Time #alphabetphoto

My three have always absolutely loved climbing tree and luckily we live in the countryside were there are many many tress around us. The kids favorite is the one in their Nana’s garden and they spend many hours climbing, swinging and sitting in the tree. T really couldn’t be for anything other than Tree Time, […]

Healthy children tips

3 tips to keeping kids healthy

With the back to school season in full swing, keeping our children healthy with all the bugs that will be flying around after the summer break is top priority. There are many ways in which we can limit the chance of our children becoming poorly, and here are my top three tips to help fight […]